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Positive Reinforcement

Discover positive training tools and techniques.

Clear Communication

Learn to clearly and consistently communicate with your dog.

Strong Relationships

Develop a strong bond with your best friend.

Professional, Passionate, and Positive Training for You and Your Pet

Sweet Spot Dog Training serves the greater Madison, WI area and strives to empower dog owners through teaching them to manage, modify and maintain their dog’s behaviors to achieve a mutually rewarding relationship for both ends of the leash.

For your feline friends, we also work with cats!
Tailored Training to Suit Your Lifestyle

We focus on motivating your dog through positive reinforcement training techniques. Our methods are crafted from the latest research in behavioral science, cutting edge techniques, and a deep understanding of canine behavior. We have developed our training approach through formal education as well as over a decade of experience working with and observing dogs in a variety of environments.


Work to create a personalized plan to set your pet for success by modifying their environment.


Collaborate with the trainer to teach your dog new skills and appropriate outlets for their energy.

Create a plan of action to change unwanted and problem behaviors while encouraging calm and relaxation.

Over 15 years of experience training dogs and professionally certified by

"Ginny was a great help with my two corgis who don't always get along. She helped us identify their triggers then she implemented a plan to help them get along. It has worked. She was available if I had a question between sessions. She is great to work with and you feel no pressure from her. She implented tools and strategy that would work in our lives and schedule which is probably what I liked most about her. Definitely would recommend her."

-Cindy Sandmire

"Sweet Spot is super great!  They are extremely knowledgeable and willing to put in the time to help improve our situation. Highly recommended!"

-Rachal Duggan

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